Adding Menus to Your Website

Posted on 02-12-2023 | Last Updated: 02-12-2023 | Category: Getting Started

Creating menus for your website is a straightforward process in our platform. Whether you want to link to internal pages or external sites, our system offers you the flexibility to customize your navigation menus easily. This guide will walk you through the steps to add a menu with either an internal or external link.

Steps to Add a Menu:

  1. Accessing the Menu Management:

    • Navigate to the left-hand side menu of your tenant dashboard.
    • Click on “Appearance.”
    • In the dropdown menu, select “Manage Menus.” This will take you to the menu management page.
  2. Adding a New Menu:

    • On the Manage Menus page, click on the “Add New Menu” button. This action will open a form where you can create a new menu item.
  3. Filling Out Menu Details:

    • Menu Location: Choose where you want this menu item to appear (e.g., Header, Footer). Select the appropriate location from the dropdown list.
    • Menu Link Type: Decide if this menu item will link to an internal page on your site or an external website.
      • For an Internal Link:
        • Select “Internal Page” from the “Menu Link Type” dropdown.
        • A new dropdown will appear labeled “Select Page.” Here, choose the internal page you want this menu item to link to.
      • For an External Link:
        • Select “External Link” from the “Menu Link Type” dropdown.
        • An input field will appear where you can type in the full URL of the external site.
  4. Completing the Form:

    • Fill in the “Menu Name.” This is the text that will appear in your menu for this item.
    • Optionally, you can provide a “Menu Description” to describe what this menu item is about.
    • If you want this menu item to be ordered specifically, enter a number in the “Sort Order” field.
    • Check the “Is Active” box if you want this menu item to be visible immediately on your website.
    • Once you’re done, click the “Add Menu Item” button to save your new menu item.


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