Creating a Stripe Product Plan Manually

Posted on 02-09-2023 | Last Updated: 26-01-2024 | Category: Advanced Topics

Stripe product plans are used to define the billing cycle, pricing, and other details for a subscription service. Creating a plan manually involves defining a product and its associated pricing plan in your Stripe dashboard.


Log in to Stripe Dashboard:

  • Access your Stripe account by logging in at Stripe Dashboard.

  • Create a New Product:

    • Go to the "Products" section in the dashboard.

    • Click on "New" or "+ Add product" to create a new product.

    • Enter the product details such as name, description, and any relevant information.

  • Add a Pricing Plan:

    • After creating the product, you will have an option to add a pricing plan.

    • Set the pricing details, including amount, currency, and billing interval (e.g., monthly, annually).

    • Save the pricing plan.

  • Retrieve the Product ID:

    • Once the product and pricing plan are created, Stripe will generate a unique Product ID.

    • You can find this ID in the product details section.

  • Use the Product ID in Your Application:

    • Copy the Product ID and use it in your application where needed.

    • Ensure that the ID matches exactly to link the Stripe plan correctly with your service.

Additional Notes:

  • It's important to ensure that the product and plan details in Stripe match the offerings in your service.

  • Keep the Stripe Product ID secure, as it is a sensitive piece of information.

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