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Setting Up Your New Website

Posted on 02-09-2023 | Last Updated: 26-01-2024 | Category: Getting Started

Starting your new website is simple and straightforward. Here's how you can get up and running in no time:

1. Setting Up Your Subdomain:

Your subdomain is the web a...

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Creating a Stripe Product Plan Manually

Posted on 02-09-2023 | Last Updated: 26-01-2024 | Category: Advanced Topics

Stripe product plans are used to define the billing cycle, pricing, and other details for a subscription service. Creating a plan manually involves defining a product and its associated p...

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Common Issues and Their Fixes

Posted on 02-09-2023 | Last Updated: 07-09-2023 | Category: Troubleshooting

This article addresses common issues users face and their potential solutions.


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How to Add a New Product

Posted on 02-09-2023 | Last Updated: 07-12-2023 | Category: Getting Started

How to Add a New Product

Adding a new product is a straightforward process. This guide will walk you through the steps to successfully add a product.

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How to Update Domain Nameservers

Posted on 17-09-2023 | Last Updated: 25-03-2024 | Category: Getting Started

1. GoDaddy

Login to your GoDaddy account.

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How to Add Your Google Analytics Tracking ID

Posted on 24-11-2023 | Last Updated: 24-11-2023 | Category: Getting Started

To add your Google analytis tracking id to your website, please follow the folowing instructions:

Step 1: Obtain Your Google Analytics Tracking ID

Before adding the ...

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Understanding the Custom Section Feature

Posted on 26-11-2023 | Last Updated: 26-11-2023 | Category: Advanced Topics


The Custom Section feature in your tenant dashboard allows you to create a unique and personalized landing page for your website. This feature is particularly ...

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Adding Menus to Your Website

Posted on 02-12-2023 | Last Updated: 11-02-2024 | Category: Getting Started

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How to Obtain Google reCAPTCHA keys

Posted on 06-05-2024 | Last Updated: 06-05-2024 | Category: Advanced Topics

Navigate to Google's reCAPTCHA website at

Sign in using your Google account credenti...

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How to Obtain Your Stripe API Keys

Posted on 19-05-2024 | Last Updated: 19-05-2024 | Category: Getting Started

To integrate Stripe with your application, you need to obtain your API keys. These keys allow your application to communicate with the Stripe API to process payments. Follow the steps below to retr...

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