Understanding the Custom Section Feature

Posted on 26-11-2023 | Last Updated: 26-11-2023 | Category: Advanced Topics


The Custom Section feature in your tenant dashboard allows you to create a unique and personalized landing page for your website. This feature is particularly useful for specific marketing campaigns, events, or as a distinct entry point that differs from the standard layout of your website.

What is the Custom Section?

The Custom Section is a special feature that, when activated, overrides the standard sections of your website's homepage. It gives you the flexibility to design a standalone page — often used as a landing page — tailored to specific needs or goals. This feature is ideal for:

Highlighting special promotions or offers.

Showcasing unique content or announcements.

Creating a focused landing page for advertising campaigns.

Providing detailed information about a particular event or product launch.

How to Enable the Custom Section

Navigate to the Manage Sections Page: Log in to your dashboard and go to the 'Manage Home Content' section.

Locate the Custom Section Row: Find the row labeled 'Custom Section'.

Toggle the Section: Click on 'Enable' to activate the Custom Section or 'Disable' to revert to the standard layout.

Edit Custom Content: Once enabled, you can click on 'Edit' to start customizing your custom landing page.

Implications of Enabling the Custom Section

When you enable the Custom Section:

Standard Sections Are Overridden: Regular sections like 'Hero', 'Why Choose Us', and 'CTA' will be temporarily hidden on your homepage.

FAQs and Testimonials Remain Visible: These sections will still be displayed unless individually disabled.

Flexibility in Design: You have the creative freedom to design the Custom Section according to your specific requirements.

Best Practices for Using the Custom Section

Clear Messaging: Ensure your custom landing page has a clear and concise message aligned with your goals.

Visual Appeal: Use high-quality images or videos and maintain your brand’s visual identity.

Call to Action: Include a strong call to action (CTA) to guide visitors towards your desired outcome (e.g., sign up, learn more, buy now).

Mobile Responsiveness: Design with mobile users in mind, ensuring the page looks great on all devices.

Testing: Regularly test the page for user experience, load time, and responsiveness.

Reverting to the Standard Layout

To revert back to your website's standard layout:

Go to Manage Sections: Access the 'Manage Home Content' section in your dashboard.

Disable Custom Section: Find the 'Custom Section' row and click on 'Disable'.

Standard Layout Restored: Your homepage will automatically revert to displaying the standard sections.


The Custom Section is a powerful tool for creating impactful landing pages that can enhance your marketing efforts, highlight key messages, or feature special content. Use this feature wisely to maximize its potential!


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